Feline Nutrition 101

fat cat

Cats have a natural tendency to wreak havoc around the house chasing mice and spiders. Although they would sooner claw all the skin off your forearms if you had to try give them a bath, cats have no qualms with getting their paws wet by trying to get Goldie and his friends in the fish tank turned into sushi. A bird, any kind and anywhere nearby is something else that prompts your kitty into feline action, no matter how lazy he/she looks curled into a ball soaking up the sun in some corner.  

Cats have the inherent instinct, the canines and the claws to turn them from being a top competitor in a Play-Dead contest to taking on the role of an agile and stealthy hunter. Our graceful and furry friends are most certainly carnivores, so obviously meat would be the number one item on the menu.

cat wants meatMeat is meat?
An average, let’s say ‘medium’ sized mouse contains around 48 calories and is very high in protein, about 45%, while only having about 5% carbohydrates. Because cats have trouble with processing carbohydrates, unlike omnivores, 4 to 5 medium mice would be the ideal diet for a medium sized cat. Goldfish are also high in protein, selenium and Vitamin B12. Assuming a goldfish weighs around 70 grams, it could provide as much as a whopping 100 calories. No wonder cats throw caution in the wind to get to fishes! Imagine the calories in a medium sized lizard, pigeon or squirrel. The problem with this is the mess, the smells and staring the poor creature in the eye as it becomes kitty grub.

kitty in coffe

Yumyummy in your kitty’s tummy

The good news is that you don’t have to go mouse, lizard or bird hunting to keep your precious feline pet purring. There are so many delicious gourmet cat food options to choose from that there is something for every cat, even pernickety eaters like Conduit. Search for nutritionally balanced food and make sure it contains real meat or fish and other fresh ingredients.

Here are a few more tips:
• Natural preservatives like rosemary, citric acid, vitamin C and vitamin E prevents cat food from becoming rancid without the health threats from unnatural and toxic preservatives like ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT. 

boy drinking a glass of water• Just like kids, cats are not always too keen on drinking water. This means that they need to get a lot of the moisture they need from the food they eat and is why dry food is not usually a good idea. Canned cat food contains as much as 75% moisture, enough to keep your sweet kitty bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

• Although a chubby cat can look super adorable, it is not a good idea to let a cat become overweight. It can cause all sorts of health problems like arthritis and diabetes, not to mention emotional issues like self-esteem. Nobody wants to be a lump of lard so don’t overfeed your kitty into being a fatty.

A top quality, wet cat food made with natural preservatives and real meat or fish, of course in moderation is all a cat needs. Well, that and some squeaky toys, catnip, a fluffy toy or two and oodles of love.

chubby cat is not ammused


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  1. Hi Cindy! I love cats (have two) and I love your blog! Thanks for visiting my blog. Hello from Micah and Rachael. 🙂

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