Conduit’s Virtual Friends

Cool Online Cats
Being a cat-owner, having a famous cat can have its ups and downs. One thing I have learned though is that I am not alone. When my wife Cindy and I created our blog on how to get rid of Conduit or why to keep him, we never imagined how much support we would get from the online community. E-mails, comments, even Skype video chats streamed in as Cindy and I discussed our now famous Conduit on our blog. After hearing from some loyal fans, I am now learning that Conduit is not the only online cat getting his fair share of press, but there are quite a few more. Here are just a few of my favorite cool online cats:

Grumpy Cat
A resident of Arizona, Grumpy Cat has gone viral across the internet due to his unusual facial features, resembling perhaps an elderly man who does not approve of his surroundings.

When Grumpy Cat made his first online appearance in a photo, fans claimed he was photo-shopped, until a video was posted online of him being grumpy in action. Originally posted on Reddit, this cat has transformed from a cute internet cat into a trademarked celebrity, advertising cat food and traveling around in a limo.

Scariest Cat Online
Next on the roster is another favorite I have come to appreciate, the esteemed Colonel Meow. This Los Angeles, California resident is a long-haired Persian, and is famous for having one of the scariest cat faces in cat history. Scariest Cat OnlineThe story behind the Colonel is that he orders his owners around like “slave beasts”, drinking scotch and does interviews and photo shoots. I think he would have to remove Conduit from scariest cats ever by reputation alone.

On the other side of the world, lives a cat famous for jumping into boxes. This cat has 256 videos online, viewed over 200 million times by fans everywhere. This Scottish Fold cat is a native of Japan, and loves to get into kitchen drawers and out of them again.

Taking the internet world by storm, this busy cat is a top movie star, having been the subject of two books, his own DVD, and performed in Japanese commercials since 2007.

Nyan Cat
Japanese for “Meow”, “Nyan” or Meow-Cat zooms through space at the end of a rainbow, singing Nyan to the tune of a Japanese pop song.

Having a video watched 96 million times, Nyan Cat has raked in the riches, having an iPhone game, a clothing line, a pop-up shop in New York, and of course, a line of cuddly toys. With the revenue from all of Nyan Cat’s business ventures, there will always be catnip readily available.

e-Harmony Cat Lady
While not a real internet cat, this cat-crazy video has been viewed 25 million times, and features a video-dating profile in which a lady named Debbie informed her potential daters that she is a huge cat lover. She explains how much she wants to hug all the cats in the world, but that this would be impossible because there are too many.

I’m sure if she met our cat, she would want to remove Conduit and not hug him (but hey, that’s just me).

It was nice to see so many other cat-owners speaking about their cats on the internet, and I feel a bit better about how I have been sharing Conduit’s adventures with the rest of the online community. I am sure that once Conduit hits the big-time, Cindy and I will be in purrfect agreement that Conduit can stay. All I ask for is 90% of the Conduit Cat royalties so I can be compensated for putting up with this crazy cat.


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