Conduit’s Doppelgangers

No cat is like our cat Conduit. That being said, there have been cats along the years that bore a striking resemblance to Conduit. Some had similar personality traits, others totally different. Let’s delve into these look-alikes to see how Conduit may compare.

garfield One of the most famous cats in comic strip history, Conduit not only resembles Garfield in appearance but they both have quite similar personalities. For those that don’t know, Garfield is also an orange tabby cat who is known for being lazy and eating lasagna. Now, Conduit does not each much lasagna but he does like drinking my beers. He can be found on any given day, early in the morning, sitting in his lazy boy chair and guzzling my beers. He thinks he own the place, and like Garfield, fancies he is entitled to be in charge. Garfield has an owner named Jim and a co-pet, Odie. Odie is a dog who probably contributes more to the house by protecting it, while Garfield mostly eats lasagna, lies around, and causes mischief. Whenever I catch Conduit misbehaving, the voice of Jim echoes in my head saying “Garfield!”.

Heathcliff Another mischievous cat, Heathcliff is also an orange tabby with an attitude that he owns everything, and he even runs with his own little cat-gang. He is constantly making wise-cracks, getting into cat-fights, and likes to toss dustbins on people’s heads. He also lies, cheats and steals to get himself food, but he is a good guy deep-down. It may be obvious why he is so similar to Conduit. If I had the street-smarts of Heathcliff, I might finally be able to remove Conduit from our home.

Azrael The evil pet of Gargamel, Azrael is another orange cat who looks like Conduit, and has perhaps even a more evil personality. This cat tried to snatch Smurfs for his master, but thankfully just gets in his way most of the time. While Conduit has never been the type to try and catch Smurfs, I would not put it past him. He’s probably too lazy to catch Smurfs, and if he became a problem, I think the Smurfs would know just how to get rid of Conduit.

Perhaps an unusual comparison, I thought it would be nice to compare Conduit to a hero cat that looks quite like him.Tigra Tigra is also an orange tabby, though much bigger and a bit more tiger-like. Originally from the planet Thundera, Tigra is everything that Conduit is not. Wise, strong, responsible, and a hero. Tigra is one of the trusted team members of the Thundercats, a species of cats exiled from their home planet of Thundera, now settling and protecting the members of Third Earth. Tigra is the wise advisor/warrior and the brother of Lion-o, king of the Thundercats. He has the ability to become invisible, and carries a distinctive whip that comes in handy in a fight. The next time I see the Thundercat beacon in the sky and the words “Thundercats, Ho!”, I will show Conduit and see if perhaps he can learn an example from his bigger doppelganger brother, and I will have no need to remove Conduit from our home. Perhaps there is hope yet for Conduit


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