About Us

Hi, nice to meet you. We are Mike and Cindy. We are a fun-loving couple of computer buffs who also love cats, well… at least one of us does!

We live in Portland, Oregon where we also grew up and were high-school sweethearts before getting hitched.
When he is not busy trying to get rid of Conduit, Mike can be found in his man-cave making digital tunes or reverting back to old school music by rocking riffs on his Fender. Mike loves music, from bluegrass to Beethoven and does a mean rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. He tries hard not to break into song during working hours, when he works as an IT analyst.

Although I am into yoga and regularly go to the organic market, I’m by no means a new-age hippy. When I’m not stretching, shopping or trying to stop Mike from getting rid of Conduit, I work as a programmer and am an avid gamer. My favorite type of games are first person shooters.

So… Who is Conduit, are you asking?

Conduit is our cat. Mike gave me the cat for my birthday when Conduit was the only kitten left out of a litter of seven balls of fluff. Over time, Mike and I learned a few things about these fluffy creatures as pets. They love giving gifts – like half-dead mice, sometimes hidden for safekeeping. We also learned that cats like coughing up hair balls and that they take great pleasure from coughing up into visitors’ handbags, along with partially digested and completely unrecognizable slimy bits.

Mike wants to get rid of Conduit. I, Cindy, am doing everything in my power to stop Mike from getting rid of Conduit, and we are keeping track of our efforts on this blog.

Our online debate will determine Conduit’s fate!

Get rid of Conduit


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