Traveling Cat

Conduit going on vacation…his final vacation. Cindy accused me of eating Conduit’s cat food, and I think this is one of the reasons Conduit must go. When a grown woman starts to accuse a grown man of eating cat, I think it is a sign that said pet needs to find a new home. I also think it is crazy for anyone to think I was capable of eating cat food, I was only licking the spoon to make sure it was clean for Conduit. 

The Great Sphinx of Giza

I can’t wait until Conduit gets to Egypt, perhaps they will worship him and he will live out his days in a pyramid. Conduit would probably undo all of the ancient cat worshiping if they had just gotten to know him, and what a cat is really capable of. I can’t wait for Conduit to go on his vacation with Cindy, and then hearing hows security would not let him on the plane because of those dangerous claws, shipping him off to a cat detention facility for life. This is why Conduit must truly, go, for Cindy’s safety. Once Conduit joins the “Big House”, he will make all kinda of devious friends and associates, who may eventually wind up at our home too. Maybe I should book a ticket and look out for Cindy before Conduit can go to jail and make all his jailbird friends our new house guests? I will start looking into flights now, and perhaps while we are all in Egypt I can drop Conduit off at the nearest pyramid before Cindy even notices he is missing…







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