In this week’s blog post, beware Conduit the Cat!

Wow. What a post by Cindy. All I can say is, this Cat has claws. I actually kind of like the idea of Conduit in Outer Mongolia, or maybe send him to Siberia. I guess we will then see how refined he really is, or should I say, re-felined. All we need is Conduit in Mongolia with Cindy and let us see how charming he really is. Away from his fancy bowl, which I have definitely never eater from. Yuck! I can’t believe Cindy would actually suggest that I am eating out of Conduit’s bowl! Especially when it is him eating out of mine! Every time I have Chicken Soup, Conduit waits and watches from his Lazy Boy chair until I get up for a beer run to the kitchen. When I come back, I usually find claw marks by my placemat and the chicken from the chicken soup gone. Cindy thinks I’m nuts for accusing Conduit, but then why does he mysteriously have a chicken bone in his paws? This is why Conduit must really go. When a man can’t have chicken in his chicken soup, his very manliness is at steak- I mean stake. See, Conduit has already gotten me worried about holding on to my meat, the staple food of any real man’s diet. I am a man, and not a mouse. Although I feel like a mouse with Conduit watching my every move. We must get rid of Conduit to protect Chicken Soup within our home, and the sanctity of manliness. Watch out Conduit, things are about to Cat-nip you in the behind!




Get rid of Conduit


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